BIG $$$$



CHRI$ BIG MONEY is an electronic music producer/songwriter based in Austin TX.  Commonly referred to as "CBM", by his peers in both his personal and professional lives, CBM is a high energy solo performer who plays every show like it's his last.  Live sets fuse modern pop singer spectacle with full on costume changes and lighting alongside relatable but also comical tongue in cheek lyrics featuring Kitty Kat Swag, 70's/80s Italo-Disco, and coming of age self introspect, on-the-fly improvised live electronic instrumentation, and dance moves reminiscent of Tina Turner, Prince, or Sharon Jones.  Seeing a CBM live show is like experiencing a life changing event with your best friend which changes the way you think about your future life.  Be sure to wear your dancing shoes and to have a fire extinguisher ready whenever CBM graces the stage.